10th Serbian Conference on Spectral Line Shapes in Astrophysics
Srebrno jezero, Serbia, June 15-19, 2015

Scientific Rationale

The spectral lines, their widths, and shapes, are powerful tools for emitting/absorbing gas diagnostics in different astrophysical objects (from the Solar system to the most distant objects in the Universe - quasars). The emission/absorption lines of astrophysical objects are produced over a wide range of distances from an observer and under a wide range of physical and kinematical conditions. Therefore in astrophysical objects the lines from X-ray (Fe K) to the radio (radio recombination line) have been observed. On the other hand, the experimental and theoretical investigations of laboratory plasma have been applied in spectroscopic astrophysical research, especially atomic data needed for line shape calculations. This conference will bring together astronomers (observers and theoreticians) and physicists to review the present stage of investigation (Serbia and elsewhere), with the aim of improving our knowledge in this field, and to better understand the significance of emission/absorption lines for future astrophysical investigations.

The program will focus on:
- Stellar and interstellar spectral lines
- Spectral line phenomena in extragalactic objects
- Spectral lines in laboratory plasma

This is the 10th conference in the series. All materials (programme, talk presentations, photos, etc.) from the previous meetings are avalaible at the following link through Serbian Virtual Observatory.


>>>> Line Shifts in Astrophysical and Laboratory plasma (Organized by J. Sulentic) <<<<

This is a topic that is relevant in all areas of astrophysics and laboratory physics. It is certainly an issue in quasar spectroscopy which touches most research in the area. Theoretically it invites ideas to explain spectral line shifts and includes three possible mechanisms: Doppler, Gravitation and Scattering.


Scientific Organizing Committe Local Organizing Committe

Luka Č. Popović (Astronomical Observatory, Belgrade, Serbia)
  - Co-chairman (lpopovic@aob.rs)
Milan S. Dimitrijević (Astronomical Observatory, Belgrade, Serbia)
  - Co-chairman (mdimitrijevic@aob.bg.ac.rs)

Saša Simić (Faculty of Sciences, Department of Physics, Kragujevac)
  - chairman (ssimic@kg.ac.rs)
Edi Bon (Astronomical Observatory, Belgrade)
  - Secretary (ebon@aob.rs)

Edward Baron (University of Oklahoma, Norman, USA)
Nabil Ben Nessib (Department of Physics and Astronomy, College of Science,
    King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia )
Emanuel Danezis (University of Athens, Greece)
Peter Hauschildt (Hamburger Sternwarte, Hamburg, Germany)
Dragana Ilić (Faculty of Mathematics, University of Belgrade, Serbia)
Darko Jevremović (Astronomical Observatory, Belgrade)
Evencio Mediavilla (Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias, Spain)
Anatolij A.Mihajlov (Institute of Physics, Zemun, Serbia)
Gillian Peach (University College, London, United Kingdom)
Jagoš Purić (Faculty of Physics, Belgrade, Serbia)
Sylvie Sahal-Bréchot (Observatoire de Paris-Meudon)
Jack Sulentic (Instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucia, Spain)
Roland Stamm (Univeriste de Provence, France)
Alexander F.Zakharov (Institute of Theoretical and Experimental
    Physics, Moscow, Russia)
Jovan Aleksić (Astronomical Observatory, Belgrade)
Nataša Bon (Astronomical Observatory, Belgrade)
Miodrag Dačić (Astronomical Observatory, Belgrade)
Dragana Ilić (Faculty of Mathematics, University of Belgrade)
Predrag Jovanović (Astronomical Observatory, Belgrade)
Anđelka Kovačević (Faculty of Mathematics, Department of Astronomy, Belgrade)
Jelena Kovačević (Astronomical Observatory, Belgrade)
Tanja Milovanov (Astronomical Observatory, Belgrade)
Luka Č Popović (Astronomical Observatory, Belgrade)
Zoran Simić (Astronomical Observatory, Belgrade)
Veljko Vujčić (Astronomical Observatory, Belgrade)

Organized by: Astronomical Observatory Belgrade


Faculty of Mathematics, University of Belgrade
Astronomical Society of Serbia


The conference will be held in place called Srebrno jezero. The venue is the hotel Danubia Park

Hotel Danubia park is located on the banks of the Silver lake, one of the most beautiful lakes in Serbia, with just 75 minutes drive from Belgrade. In a unique environment, well known on turism, fishing as well as natural and cultural heritage, hotel will offer relaxation and inspiration vacation.
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